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Bible Cause Effect

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Bible Cause Effect Topical Reference Program

LogoSysControlWhat Is Bible Cause Effect?

  • A comprehensive catalog of Cause/Effect relationships found in the Bible.
  • More than 17,000 Cause/Effect records are instantly searchable in a powerful database system.
  • Supporting Bible passages are immediately displayed using its own Bible window or your third party Bible program.
  • Search, Sort, and Select Engines facilitate filtering of pertinent records.
  • Automatically generate editable documents of your studies in Reporter, a highly functional built-in text editor.
  • A unique Bible study tool that gets results… and more.


  • Causes of Problems
  • Possible Solutions
  • Likely Outcomes
  • Beneficial Activities
  • Dangerous Scenarios
  • Promised Blessings
  • Biblical Examples

Use for:

  • Personal study
  • Preaching and Teaching
  • Sermon and Class Outlines
  • Counseling

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