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Bible Cause Effect

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Bible Cause Effect Topical Reference Program

What Is Bible Cause Effect?

Bible Cause Effect is a Bible topical reference system developed for Christians, pastors, and those in any form of ministry. It is a comprehensive catalog of Cause/Effect relationships found in the Bible that includes more than 17,000 Cause/Effect records.  These topics are instantly searchable in a powerful database system.

When you run a search in the program, supporting Bible passages are immediately displayed using its own Bible window or your third party Bible program. Search, Sort, and Select Engines facilitate filtering of pertinent records.  And it automatically generates editable documents of your studies in “Reporter” which is a highly functional built-in text editor.

Bible Cause Effect is a unique Bible study tool that gets results… and more.


  • Causes of Problems
  • Possible Solutions
  • Likely Outcomes
  • Beneficial Activities
  • Dangerous Scenarios
  • Promised Blessings
  • Biblical Examples

Use for:

  • Personal study
  • Preaching and Teaching
  • Sermon and Class Outlines
  • Counseling

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